VTubers from more than 80 countries are using AvaKit for their livestreaming.

200+ VTubers are using AvaKit for their streaming everyday.
You can be a VTuber with just a single, normal webcam.

Free and easy real-time facial, hand and body tracking

AvaKit provides the easiest breakthrough to improve your livestreaming quality
by supporting real-time mo-cap technology that requires only just a single webcam.

From now on, you can shake your hands, blink your eyes, and raise your arms with your lovely model.
Your fans will love your adorable motions, and you will be able to create much excting contents.

And now, AvaKit is open in STEAM.

Do not buy expensive gears!

Worrying about purchasing expensive tracking gears? Just a single webcam is all you need to start fascinating real-time mo-cap in AvaKit. Invest your budget for your contents and fans!

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Communicate with devs!

On our Official Discord Server, you can get help with the fastest way. Also, official Twitter account delivers many interesting news about update patches, hot fix, and events.

Official Discord Server →

Official Twitter Account →

How to use AvaKit 101 – from the basic to the advanced

Do you wanna livestream with AvaKit?
We already prepare the manuals for you, lovely newcomer.
The manual is written in English, Korean, and Japanese.

Also, we prepare couple of awesome assets for your streaming.
There are many helpful information and resources in our blog.

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